Digital Lab

Set of services for creating a digital copy of products.
Digital lab

What It Is Good For

Creating product cards from scratch to meet the requirements of manufacturers and retailers.

Creating selling content for an online-brand store and retailers.

Digitization of characteristics on product labels—for further uploading to the PIM system.

Data quality check for compliance with retailer requirements.

Create selling content


How It Works

Submit a request
for product digitization.
Submit a request<br> 
<b>for product digitization.</b>
products to the lab.
Alternatively, we can come to your place.
products to the lab.<br>  
Alternatively, we can come to your place.
We’ll prepare the photos
and measure your products.
<b>We’ll prepare</b> the photos <br>
and measure your products.
We’ll automatically upload
the results to the Brandquad PIM system.
<b>We’ll automatically upload</b><br> 
the results to the Brandquad PIM system.
Share it
with retailers.
<b>Share it</b><br> 
with retailers.
Use your digitized product
copies however you want.
<b>Use your digitized product</b><br> copies however you want.

Your assistant in product digitization

We weigh and measure the dimensions of your products using innovative high-precision equipment.
We make high-quality images of the product: main and auxiliary photos, swatches, photos with and without packaging, 3D models and 360-degree photos to highlight the product in online shelves.
We check if the product data meets retailer requirements to reduce listing and logistics errors and avoid returns and penalties from retailers.
We automatically transfer all collected information to the Brandquad PIM system.
Andrey Ivanov

«We want to thank the Digital Lab team for their professional approach to content creation and the fast and thorough work. It’s very convenient that it only takes a few days from the product data transfer to the creation of all product content, and it goes straight to our system.»

Andrey Ivanov

Head of Digital Transformation Department, Maxxium Russia

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