DAM - Digital Assets Management

Storage for the company's digital assets that helps save time in data processing and avoid errors

What It Is Good For

Consolidation of all digital assets in one place: marketing ideas, promotional materials, media files, certificates for individual products and brands.

Easy media-file editing, ability to convert data into different formats and adapt it to a specific marketing channel.

Ability to track versions of changes and configure access rights as well as set license and certificate renewal timers.

Customize Your Work With Product Media Data


What It Does

Stores digital assets of production, marketing, certification, and other information in the preferred and familiar resolution and format (jpg, png, avi, mpeg, psd, pdf, zip, tiff, etc.) with the possibility to set rules for automatic associating files with products and folders.
It has a built-in file editor (changing name, format, size, etc.) and images (rotating, zooming, cropping) with the function of applying changes to multiple objects at once.
It allows you to track and change media data, set additional meta tags to simplify search and grouping, publish data in real time, and manage file licensing.
It allows you to build or create new workflows to control access to files, images, folders, enter passwords and time limits, share links with colleagues, customers, and partners.

«Thanks to years of work with Brandquad, we have organized and streamlined e-commerce content for our brands, which allowed us to focus on more essential things. We have also successfully automated several critical business processes outside the usual scope of DAM suppliers.»

Ex. Unilever RUB, now Nestle

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