Data Distribution Module

A full production cycle and smart transfer of a product digital copy to your website, online shops, and marketplaces
Data distribution

What It Does

Automated transfer of data updates in any format based on the partners’ requirements: no errors/lags.
Acceleration of the SKU listing process down from a few months to two days.
Up to three times faster new-product placement.
Setting up verification and brand protection schemes.

Upload Product Data


How It Works

Machine-learning based algorithms convert all content into the format required by retailers/partners: from product names and descriptions to image resolution and file names.
It allows you to configure the parameters of automatic content transfer, as well as export schedule and algorithms for individual channels to avoid errors.
It allows you to create permanent product feeds in a valid format for each platform (Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) or use an API to transfer information.
It provides you with export visualization tools for the target audience, using pre-created public catalogs. This allows you to upload data in the required format, as well as configure attributes, filters, menus, etc.

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