Product Information Management

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Product Information Management (PIM)

Enhance the customer experience by facilitating product data enrichment:

  • centralize product content in one place, allowing all required teams to be able to access it
  • Aggregate digital assets in a structured manner: (product images for e-commerce teams and photographers; videos and banners for marketing teams; certificates for supply chain; POSM for trade marketing). Automate content validation to ensure compliance with business and technical rules
  • Reduce the number of errors in the product information

Accelerate time-to-market of products by automating product content management:

  • automate data export by tailoring the data to digital touchpoints' requirements
  • Find and resolve bottlenecks in the product data enrichement process to speed up content management

Improve internal data management processes and increase team productivity:

  • digitise product content creation, enrichment and export processes to allow transparency
  • Get a helicopter view on product content management processes via dashboard
  • Reduce the resources, spent on product content creation, enrichment and export
Qualitative and quantitative effects of automated data management
Improve conversion by providing full and consistent product information
"A better and more complete content increase customer conversion online from 17% to 56%"
Decrease operating costs with automation
"Automatic data management decreases preparation time of one SKU from 25 to 4 min (which is 20 hours per 10,000 SKU)"
Opitmize internal processes in product data management
"94% of companies use Excel for the product information managment; 65% of them regulary find erorrs in data"

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