Product Information Management for Fashion Industry

April 14, 2019
3 min read
Product Information Management for Fashion Industry

It takes quite a lot of effort to climb to success in the world of fashion. Businesses need to keep a close eye on the latest fashion trends, quality of materials, and the ability to combine those factors together for creating amazing looks.

This is really competitive and complex industry where companies have thousands of SKUs and tons of product information (different attributes, colors, sizes, pics, fibers, materials, etc)...Feeling dizzy already? That's where PIM system comes into play.

PIM Software - e-Commerce Trend That Will Never Go Out Of Style

As we already know, Product Information Management system allows brands to manage large amounts of product data with complex attributes and distribute all product content quickly and efficiently between all relevant channels and retailers. It's the first you've heard of it? Check our recent blogpost about PIM meaning.

Basically, PIM technology allows to collect, standardize, enrich, distribute, and upd ate all product content (both text and media).

Let’s take a closer look at Brandquad’s PIM solution for fashion brands:

Create a single source of truth

Every fashion brand has a huge volumes of product content where each product category has a se t of unique characteristics.

Brandquad PIM software collects all of the product data and standardizes it. The PIM tool provides the company's team, retailers, and customers with valuable, valid, and compelling product information while reducing time-to-market.

This approach helps in building and strengthening the emotional connection with your customers. This connection between a customer and a brand makes a huge difference. If the connection is strong it’s hard for customer to abandon a purchase (this is especially true for expensive fashion items). The content has to be compelling and accurate to convince your customers to make a purchase.

Pick up a speed

In modern e-Commerce world speed is almost everything. When trends change as often as the weather, the key factor of e-Commerce success is time-to-market.

Brandquad PIM software reduces time-to-market several times so brands are able to manage product information and add new SKUs without delay across all regions and channels.

Create localized and accurate content

Let's take your PIM management one step further. When brand distributes products in multiple regions, the optimization of product data according to the local language and standards becomes not a whim but a necessity. All of your marketing efforts may collapse if potential customers won't be able to read and understand the product information fluently and correctly.

Brand’s product data needs to be carefully localized to meet different standards of markets, regions, countries. PIM services makes companies sure that the product information is presented in high quality and personalized for customers’ location.

Distribute your data everywhere you need, at any time

Brandquad PIM software provides brands with the ability to distribute standardized, enriched, high-quality product content among all of the channels and retailers in one move. Users are allowed to control over the management of product, sales, and digital asset. This boosts the productivity and efficiency of brand's team while increasing sales and reducing time-to-market.

Learn more of Brandquad PIM software's features here or request free demo right now!