Maxxium Russia: how we expedited our work with retail

October 16, 2019
5 min read

Maxxium Russia is a Russian division of the alliance of the world's leading alcohol producers, Beam Suntory Inc. and The Edrington. The company has recently encountered a certain issue: a huge array of product data was difficult to control and required a reliable PIM system (product information management program) for its organization.

Streamline Product Data

Besides the problem, there were also a certain number of requirements. First of all, the company's products had complex attributes, and the program should have taken this into account. Secondly, access to PIM was to be provided to several employees simultaneously.

Brandquad solution fully met the specified requirements: an integrated product catalog had flexible attribute settings and allowed all employees with the necessary clearance to update and complement product information.

On its territory

Another important requirement put forward by the company read as follows: product information needed to be quickly and, most importantly, effectively distributed across sales channels.

And in this regard, Brandquad’s service has proven itself to be much better than all other competitors. Andrey Ivanov, head of the digital transformation department at Maxxium Russia, described Brandquad's competitive advantage: “The startup is already integrated with the largest retailers, knows their features and is ready to adapt to their needs, unlike large international companies.” That became the decisive factor in favor of Brandquad's PIM system.

Two employees, a content manager, and a marketer were appointed to work with the new system at Maxxium Russia. The company immediately noticed the effect of the PIM system introduction: once it had been implemented, the time and effort required to manage product information reduced 5-fold.

Furthermore, the company indicated a significant difference between working with a large international solution provider and a startup. Ivanov stressed that the cost of the system turned out to be much lower than that of analogs by global brands, and the implementation rate was much higher – in certain modules Brandquad showed four times faster integration than international companies.

Thus, Brandquad proposed a PIM system that is in no way inferior to solutions from international brands but also has specific advantages: the system is “tailored” to work with the largest Russian marketplaces, and the operation cost is lower than that of foreign competitors.

Photo credits: Sonny Ravesteijn / Unsplash