Mobile App

An offline catalog of products in the PIM system
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Mobile App

Why You Need It

Ability to work with the public product catalog and individual cards offline.
Ability to configure lists and filters, quickly comment and share product cards without needing access to a computer.
Access to data from your mobile device to improve the quality of point-of-sale assistance and cross-selling potential.
Create new product cards outside the office to simplify the work of buyers.

When You Need It?

When working outside the office or offline
At points of sale
In stock
At events

How It Works

All data is kept locally on your Android or iOS mobile device.
All products added to the PIM system are uploaded to the catalog and categorized accordingly.
The product card displays the same attributes as in the PIM, with the ability to download each file separately, share it and ask the catalog administrator.
Customized filters and a list of selected products, searched by product name or SKU.
You can selectively download files when updating the catalog: use the download option only with Wi-Fi access, download images in low quality, and choose what to download.
You can easily brand the app according to your company’s brand book.

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