E-Commerce Intelligence

Make informed decisions to dramatically improve your online performance and customer experience
E-Commerce Intelligence

Why You Need It?

Price Tracking & Dynamic Reports

  • Take informed decisions by benchmarking competitors prior to adjusting pricing
  • Implement dynamic reports to actively adapt to competitor price changes

Product Assortment Analysis

  • Receive notifications about your products availability on e-retailers’ websites and improve out-of-stock management
  • Get better visibility on competitors’ products market share across e-retailers
  • Improve collaboration with e-retailers on the availability of expected products

Search & Category Analysis

  • Increase findability and conversion rate by placing products in top ranking after the search

Content Comparison

  • Improve customer experience by ensuring e-retailers follow the brand guidelines
  • Increase the converstion rate with better quality product content

Ratings & Reviews

  • Compare product ratings and reviews with your competitors
  • Respond promptly to negative reviews
Boost your online sales with data-driven decisions
Avoid lost sales with OOS management
Lowered the out of stock by 65%
Improve margins with dynamic pricing
Return on Investment
Control image and product description quality
Revenue increase with better product cards

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