How to manage product information efficiently

How to manage product information efficiently

People all over the world still manage and store lots of information using habitual spreadsheets.

Yes, it’s really true. Even in the age of various apps and programs for data aggregation and analysis, spreadsheets continue to top the list of tools for product data management. However, the problem is that this tool is very inconvenient and outdated.

Spreadsheets are of no use or provide few advantages when you try to:

  • Handle with several data sources
  • Have to use mobile and desktop versions of media and product descriptions
  • Need to work with several languages and translations
  • Engage several authors and contributors
  • Have to control document versions and perform rollbacks
  • Delegate different rights (i.e. edit/approval/publish) to various people
  • Introduce new products and catalogs
  • Implement quality control

While someone may be still confused by an idea to use PIM in everyday operations to improve business opportunities, it is a crucial tool to be used by any e-commerce enterprise for product marketing purposes. In our publication we explain why.

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