How tea and coffee producer and supplier established cooperation with 80 online retailers




tea and coffee producer and supplier






300 at the start

A task on start

To set up a catalogue for product information distribution for May, a producer and supplier of tea and coffee, to 80 online channels – from small specialized tea e-shops to Russia’s largest marketplaces. Every retailer had its own product card requirements, sometimes very specific. For example, online hypermarket Utkonos required an image of the product package with a small spread and stretched in one direction.
These effects had to be applied to 300 SKU at that moment.

How Brandquad helped: making things clear and excluding errors

A PIM system helped slice and dice the information about all the products, putting all the relevant photos and descriptions in one place. At the same time, the data was adjusted to the requirements of each retailer.
The use of the PIM system supported online sales. But next the company faced another problem. It turned out that a number of e-shops download the images of the company’s products from other web-sites, sometimes even cropping them out from the catalogues. Such poor-quality photos were impacting online sales. Brandquad’s e-commerce intelligence tool, connected to the PIM, solved the problem. It was checking the images on the products sites, comparing them with the May’s standard. If the image was outdated, the company received an alert.

Having analyzed quite a big number of retailer sites, we realized that many of them were using outdated or poor-quality images of our products. Brandquad’s e-commerce intelligence tool, connected to the PIM, is checking the images online, while comparing them with the May’s guidelines. If the image is outdated, the company receives an alert.
Alexey Mokrushin

Alexey Mokrushin,

Sales Growth Director, May

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