Product Information Management. PIM definition.

March 01, 2019
5 min read
An ultimate guide to Product Information Management system.

What is a PIM? PIM software definition

PIM (Product Information Management) is a software or application which allows companies to manage large amounts of product data with complex attributes and distribute all product content efficiently and fast on the relevant channels and retailers.

The right Product Information Management system allows to keep your product content in a central repository. In this “single source of truth” you store all of the valid company’s product information (with attributes, photos, etc.).

In a Product Information Management software you’re able to create, collect, enrich product content and distribute it in the most efficient and quick way to all channels, retailers, websites, etc.

Nowadays when companies have thousands of SKUs, and requirements for product content getting more complicated, using PIM system is therefore not an whim, but a necessity.

How does a PIM system improve your eCommerce performance?

Product Information Management software optimizes a company's internal environment by automating business processes, reducing valuable time for some routine tasks (manual listing of products into a catalog, collecting of valid content), minimizes a number of mistakes, and more. Due to this optimization the company's products reach a market half a year earlier (on average), and the conversion rate increases by 50% (due to our Research ).

PIM services also distribute your data to all relevant channels and retailers so your potential customers and purchasers are always provided with a full description with valid content, correct product attributes, photos, and stock information.

Why a PIM tool contributes the sales growth?

Product Information Management system (PIM) makes the work of sales staff more productive. Now they don’t need to wait for the product presentation materials from the marketing department. All of the product information is available in the PIM system.

The PIM software also simplifies the work with differentiated prices by putting the individual prices for certain customers (according to personal price agreements) automatically.

The most important and valuable advantage is that with PIM system is the confidence that you’re working with valid product information. This fact allows to avoid many mistakes on the following stages of business process.

Which companies achieve the greatest ROI by investing in PIM system?

These types of companies can achieve the greatest value by using a PIM software:

you sell and promote products on a few different channels including eCommerce;
your sales channels cover several markets with different languages;
you want to expand your business and reach new markets, sales channels (catalogs, websites);
you promote really complex products with a detailed descriptions, metadata, etc;
you want to import data from retailers, enrich it, and distribute in the most effective and fast way.
The bottom line

Product Information Management system is a must have for every modern company. It allows you to spend a precious time on some really important and strategic tasks, but not on repetitive routine operations. PIM services provide reducing your operating costs and time-to-market while increasing sales, efficiency of work and improving product per