How one simple button accelerated sales of a non-typical e-commerce product

December 16, 2019
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It is often not so easy to improve marketing metrics for fast-moving consumer goods, especially in the developed markets. Global brands sometimes see technology, not necessarily a complicated one, as a tool that can help them improve their operating results. Essity, one of the leading manufacturers of hygienic products, has managed to boost its marketing performance and raise e-commerce sales of its Zewa brand products thanks to a Brandquad smart Buy Button added to the Zewa brand website.  

This button looks like any other buy button but clicking it a website visitor can see the list of online-stores where an item is now available for sale and go a specific good’s page on a retailer’s website.

Essity is a global company, but a local solution was chosen to work in the Russian market, as it was important to give customers the opportunity to see whether the product is available on the retailer's website and not to show the goods that are not available.

The integration of the smart Buy Button took about 7 days (it has been added to the webpage at the end of 2018).

What were the main benefits:

Getting more time and money

Now adding a new point of sales to the brand website has been accelerated from 5 to 2 days for some retailers. This acceleration allows increasing the availability period of goods on online shelves for each product separately, which means that brand products have received more coverage and opportunities for sale only by more accurate organization of processes.

More information for customers and reducing their path to purchase

Brandquad cooperates with a large number of Russian online retailers and we are able to exchange data with the largest of them automatically. Now each product card on the Zewa website contains information about the availability of the retailer’s online shelves. This helps the buyer not waste time on useless appeals to retailers who do not have the item now and make 100% of the brand’s goods available.

Updating information about points of sales

There was another difficulty. Sometimes links to the cards of goods on the online store are changed. The previous link on the brand site becomes irrelevant, as a result, the visitor of the site does not switch to the desired goods, and therefore the brand is selling less.

The smart Buy Button has helped here as well, as it uses automatic data exchange with retailers. The analytics system connected to the button automatically finds new links and quickly replaces them in cards of Zewa’s website.

This allowed the manufacturer not to manually update at least 100 links in the item cards monthly.

 Managing sales optionally

Links to cards of goods on retailers' websites are updated automatically, and this algorithm can be managed. For example, for the Zewa brand site, the button is configured to show users links to the items in the largest package that is available. This potentially leads to higher sales.

Seeing the customer’s path before the decision to purchase

The smart Buy Button collects statistics on how users move between brand site pages before buying, counts how many times were clicked and records when users are redirected to the retailer's website. Such information helps to calculate the conversion rate and learn its causes.

You can track clicks within the brand site, as well as the number of redirect clicks to the store.

Photo credits: Lakeisha Bennett / Unsplash

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