What is digital asset management? DAM definition

March 16, 2019
5 min read
What is Digital Asset Management? Why it’s so important?

If you haven’t heard about Digital Asset Management or just DAM you’ve missed a huge opportunities. The truth is that a Digital Asset Management platform can make your job more effective, easy and fast without implementing complex and expensive technology and adding headache to your company.

So, what is Digital Asset Management?

DAM is a cloud solution which allows to keep your digital data in safe and secure while providing easy and anytime & anywhere access to store brand assets such as pics, logos, videos, etc.

Internal Services/Drive VS Digital Asset Management

Usually your Internal service/Drive is crowded, bulky, and totally disorganized, furthermore you can access it only from office. Digital asset management solution now is taking place of traditional internal servers or other outdated services.

As for DAM systems, it provides users with easy opportunity to find and share any necessary files (photos & videos) in one central place. This kind of centralized asset management provide you with an opportunity to give your partners access to assets or groups of assets in your digital asset management system.

To sum up

Digital asset management software gives you really great returns on time and money. Whether your company has ten or thousands employees, digital asset management will keep all of you organized.

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