Current Job Openings at Brandquad

Brandquad is a fast growing early stage SaaS company with a proven product and top-tier customers all around the world. Funded by the biggest VC fund in the Eastern Europe, we now have clients from Fortune-500 list from over 80 countries.

Currently we don't have any job openings in our offices. Please, follow our vacancies on our Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Our team of 70+ exceptional professionals has made Brandquad into what it is today - a leading Digital collaboration platform for brands and retailers. There is still a long road ahead: plenty of goals to achieve and heights to reach. If you believe yourself to be a leader, an innovator and a team player, it is time for you to select a job from the list above, and make the first step towards joining our team!
Philipp Denisov
CEO of Brandquad
Our Perks
Governmental Health Benefits
Employee Stock Option Plan
Flexible Work Hours
4 Weeks Vacation